I love alpacas (really all animals), sunshine and funny people. My hobbies include knitting, people watching, kayaking, craft beer, painting and travel.
I love making things, spending time with family and friends as well as meeting new ones. Knitting, cookies and jewelry make my day!
I love Diet Coke, laughing and teaching. My hobbies include reading, running and singing. 
I love board games, movies, word searches, spending time with my family and my dog. I graduated with my degree in human services from WMU. 
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I love my dog Daisy, going on outdoor adventures and traveling. I'm a future occupational therapist and a current Bronco. 
I enjoy reading, traveling, crafting and Spanish. I'm a big Harry Potter fan! 
I love my cat, watching movies and seeing my friends. I'm a student at WMU.