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Here are some events that we have. Please check the calendar for specific dates. 


Clay Class

We literally give you a lump of clay. You create whatever we are featuring that day. You will "sculpt" your piece at class. In two weeks your project will have been fired once and will be ready for you to come back and paint it. 

Glass Class

If you can stack cheese and crackers, you can do this! We will give you basic glass fusing instructions for about 1/2 hour. to 45 minutes. You will then be creating your glass fused piece. Typically we do a featured project like wind chimes, night lights, ornaments, sun catchers or dishes. 

Mosaic Class

We have 500 pounds of material that you get to choose from to create your project. Bases include concrete stepping stones, mirrors or plaques. We suggest you come with a design in mind as it will take you the whole class to execute. We have lots of ideas on and a whole mosaic photo album on​

Painting Technique Class

We will walk you step by step through a planned painting much like the canvas idea but on pottery. You may choose whatever piece of pottery you'd like as long as the design fits on it. Your finished piece is food safe and nontoxic so it is functional and decorative. 

Diva Night

This is an adult-only event where you paint pottery. We have all kinds of stamps, stencils, pouncers, tape, and ideas, so don't worry if you're not "creative". There are door prizes. Feel free to bring your favorite beverages, but please no food. Space is limited. We seat you in groups, so please provide a name when you reserve your spot. 


White Elephant Diva Night

This is a twist on Diva Night. See above for the details. The twist is that you bring in a white elephant gift (something that you find at home)!


Date Night

We do a special date night for Valentine’s Day and Sweetest Day which are both RSVP events. This may be an ideal time to grab your honey and join us for painting. You may bring your favorite beverage as we will show you how you can create a memorable date. We also find that parents enjoy bringing their kids individually for a special one-on-one date, too. 


Paint ‘Til You Faint

Shortly after deer season opens every year, we have a day where we have extended hours. This gives you plenty of time to paint all your holiday masterpieces with just one studio fee for your session. We usually take reservations as this is a popular event.

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